NYPD Cop Seriously Injured Joyriding On The Hood Of A Patrol Car

In a completely-bizarre-yet-possibly-unsurprising-incident-since-after-all-it's-the-NYPD-and-they've-gotten-into-a-bunch-of-crap-lately turn of events, an NYPD officer needed to be rushed to the hospital after joyriding on the hood of a cop car.


And while the details of the incident haven't yet been revealed, I can declare with a fair amount of certainty:


Breaking911.com, the organization that originally snagged the video, said that the intricacies of the incident in Kensington, Brooklyn, aren't forthcoming:

Sources tell Breaking911 that the incident happened at Seton Place and Parkville Ave in the confines of the 70 Precinct.

The officer was rushed to Lutheran Trauma Center with a police escort and chopper overhead.

The exact details of the incident are still unknown.

And while details are important, and they may shed light on the situation, and I am giving heaping mountains of benefit of the doubt, HOLY CRAP.


I mean, I'm not a cop, but is there ever any reason, law enforcement or otherwise, to be clenching onto the hood of a police car, butt first, down a Brooklyn street?

Of course you hit your head.

Of course you did.

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Future next gen S2000 owner

Hood surfing obviously. Who hasn't taken time away from doing a serious job to catch some righteous hood surfing time?