NYC Subway Station Recorded At 106 Degrees

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This won’t exactly be startling news to New Yorkers, but it is, like, really hot right now. As in it’s 106 degrees Fahrenheit waiting for the subway.


WNYC recorded that cooking temperature at the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall 4/5/6 station the other day. It was the hottest day of the year so far, 96 degrees above ground.

You should read the full WYNC report here, with a good map showing that they primarily tested lower Manhattan stations. They didn’t hit anything above Central Park, and they only tried a few in Long Island City and in quasi-Manhattan liminal Brooklyn.

If your local station is even hotter, please leave your complaints and a full mason jar of human sweat below as proof.

Photo Credit: Getty Images (Pictured, NYC in a heat wave ten years ago.)

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