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A 15-year veteran Sergeant of the NYPD was charged with drunk driving after running a red light and hitting a pedestrian, causing two broken legs, broken bones and internal injuries — at 6:40 AM.

Sgt. Joseph Spiekerman, 43, was arrested on the Upper East Side June 29th after mowing down Barry Gintel, 68, who had just purchased his morning coffee and a few rolls. The officer ran a red light in his Volvo and struck Gintel, who flew up to 20 feet according to an eye witness. When officers arrived at the scene, they noted Spiekerman's blood shot eyes and detected booze on his breath, which led to his arrest. Gintel was rushed to New York-Presbyterian Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery for two broken legs, broken ribs, a ruptured spleen and head and neck injuries. Gintel is currently recovering without comment, though we suspect his lawyer will have something to say eventually. [NY Post]


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