There's no question the late-60s Grand Prix cars were the sexiest in that series' history; there's plenty of old TV footage to back that up. But there's almost no way for we modern F1 watchers to get anything close to the kind of jeeblies they must have gotten from seeing a live GP race on the Green Hell of the N rburgring, back when the F1 was held on the Nordschleife and S dschleife. Then there are the names: Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, Bruce McLaren, Dan Gurney, Jacky Ickx, and on. In this clip, Stewart narrates a brief tour of the 'ring during a practice session (presumably not while driving). And we even get a quick shot of "the jump." We never had it so good in history class.

And don't even think of not clicking through for TV coverage of the original 1967 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Germany.

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