While the VW Westfalia may get all the love, today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Dodge Camper Van might just pop your top, that is if its price doesn’t make you blow your stack.

Yesterday’s 1978 Subaru wagon with a later 2.2 was like an enigma wrapped in a riddle, locked in a puzzle, and then tweeted by Amanda Bynes. The questions around the work done to the car, that which is still pending, as well as why no other aspect of the wear and tear on the car has been addressed, all coalesced into a singularity of a 57% Crack Pipe loss.

Do you like to camp out? I mean is that something you do with regularity, or not since you were nine and stepped on a snail heading into the house for the bathroom while tenting it in your backyard?

Well, whether avid outdoorsy type or pasty agoraphobic, today’s 1968 Dodge A-108 camper conversion should have aspects that appeal to everyone’s spidey sense for awesome.


Rocking turquoise over white paint and a where’s-the-bidet patina of rust around its base, this long wheelbase (108 inches) van has been outfitted with an interior that’s - in National Association of Realtors terms - perfect for entertaining.

The added inches in the A-108 allowed for 43 more cubic feet for you to get your party on over the 90-inch model. That’s put to good use here with a set of swiveling captain’s chairs up front, a formal dining room in the middle, and some extra swag storage in back. If that’s not enough, the top also pops up making this a stand-up van.


All that stripey interior is said to be but a year old, and the van rides on a set of Pirelli tires that are almost as new. Those are wrapped around steel wheels with chrome dog dishes to keep the lug nuts from prying eyes. Powering the van is a 318 which is wedged in between the front two seats in what’s colloquially known as the doghouse.

That engine’s got 4 barrels through which to suck, and dual pipes through which to blow, so not only should make driving this van entertaining, but as demonstrated in this creepy as fuck video, it also sounds pretty alright, at least in cruisin’ by the junior high mode.

Speaking of which, this isn't a van for Chesters as it's a full window edition. That means bright lights. big city and two - count 'em, two - hula girls on the dash. That first-thing-to-go-through-your-mind-in-the-event-of-an-accident also houses a Citizen's Band radio, and a combo crash pad/oh shit handle on the passenger side. In between the seats sits a cooler to keep your sodas nice and frosty.


On the downside, the speedo doesn’t work, nor does the parking brake, both apparently having cable issues. There’s also the aforementioned road rot nipping at its ass, and the recommendation that the pop top get re-canvased before the next mosquito apocalypse.

Still, there’s a lot to like about this van, and after all who doesn’t love the implied danger of a V8-powered forward control van? What you might not like is this one’s price, which is camped out just below five grand. What do you think about its $4,950 price tag? Does that make this a KOA that’s A-OK? Or, is too much cash for a rolling country house?


You decide!

Denver Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to bigblockbear AGAIN!

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