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British Cops Keep Calm And Crash A Wayward Car Speeding Against Traffic

Two West Midlands police officers have been commended by their department and community by using their car as an improvised roadblock against a Honda Jazz that was found driving the wrong way down the highway earlier this week. The cops sound pretty composed, even as the oncoming car collides with their patrol.


WMPD reports that the misplaced motorist was a dementia sufferer, not some lost tourist who couldn't make sense of right-hand-drive.

It sounds like the cops were still confident the car would stop when it saw them, but thankfully they were able to react quickly enough when he didn't by deflecting the impact in such a way that the vehicle was disabled but its 77-year-old driver was uninjured. Police say the man was taken home to his family after being looked over by paramedics.


Several YouTube commenters are claiming they recognize officers' voices from the BBC1 police show "Motorway Cops" as Adam Toal and John Martin. Whoever they are, it looks like they brought this situation down safely despite a little damage to municipal property.

Hat tip to CarThrottle!

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Turbineguy: Nom de Zoom

Nowadays, had this happened in the U.S. there would have been a full tactical police response.

Because terrorists.…