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Now You, Too, Can Own One Of The Weirdest Vanity Cars Ever Made

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Consulier GTP is one of the weirdest cars ever to come out of one of the weirdest countries, the United States of America (there is one normal country, Belgium). Made by an economist who later ran for President, it's got big overhangs and tiny wheels. Here's one you can buy for the price of a Honda Civic.


The eBay seller makes it very clear that this 1988 Consulier GTP-LX is absolutely, no way, not-ever, a kit car. When you have to specify that something that looks like a kit car is not a kit car, that may be a red flag, but I digress.

Warren Mosler's very own car was introduced with some outlandish claims, such as it being one of the fastest cars in the world. That didn't stop it from being beaten by a factory-stock Corvette, but that also didn't stop this car's previous owners from putting over 20,000 miles on the clock.


Everything matches up on the car, too, if you consider that it looks like it was built with it all intentionally looking like it's not supposed to match up. It's like an automotive version of Frankenstein's little brother, if Frankenstein's little brother was an economist who ran his own hedge fund.

You have to appreciate, though, that the seller seems to have a bit of a sense of humor about the whole thing:

This Consulier has been upgraded with a more modern radio, allowing you to listen to your favorite Miami vice songs while cruising the strip. As far as fit and finish go, it looks like it came from the factory still, so don't think this is a Ferrari.


The bidding is at $15,000 right now, with the reserve not yet met, so it can still be yours with only nine days left to go in the auction. Won't someone give this car the loving, LeMons-based home it deserves? Surely the judges will overlook the price tag for this work of, uh, "art."

Photos: eBay