Now You Have To Consider Operating Systems When Buying A New Car

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Remember the days when you hardly spoke to friends who still used Macs because you used Windows 95? You could hardly speak to them because so few things were compatible between the two systems. Then it changed to a divide between iOS and Android users. Now it's going to change the way some people consider cars.

The Washington Post's Wonkblog had a post pondering Audi's decision to align with Google at a time when a number of other carmakers are integrating Apple's iOS system into cars. Here's the gist of the whole problem:

It would seem logical for a car company to stay platform-agnostic, so as not to repel consumers who are wedded to one operating system or the other ... But big corporate alliances tend not to work that way


The day might be approaching when you have to decide which operating system is going to be best for you if you decide between competing models from Audi and Mercedes, for example. Which is silly, really, because cars aren't supposed to be computers. They're supposed to be things you drive. But we've blurred that distinction long ago.

Guess you need to get used to not talking to your friends anymore because they drive an Audi operated by Google. Unless you buy one too.

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