Now You Can Total YOUR Car, Belvedere Style!

Remember the extremely hoontastic sticker in the back window of Belvedere Adrian's 24 Hours of Lemons project car? Well, he got so many questions about the origin of the sticker (which was apparently a truck stop in Ely, Nevada, in 1981) that he went ahead and had some printed up. He's sold most of them to friends and coworkers, but he's going to offer the rest to Jalopnik readers as a sort of fundraiser for the Racin' Belvedere Roll Cage Fund.


Team Belvedere has tons of heart but ounces of cash, you see (look, they found a new fender!), so here's your chance to help them out! For $6 (the Mopar-themed price of $4.40 plus $1.60 shipping) he'll send you one, and for $10 you get a pair. These are 11" x 3" stickers, suitable for placement on any bumper already sporting a Disc Brakes Are For Cowards sticker and a Driveshaft Through The Skull Warning Label. To order, send an email to

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