Comment Of The DayYour good comments.  

Signs are great — a staple of a constructive and controlled society, even. They tell us where to park, where the stairs are, and not to do stupid stuff when there’s a fire. Sometimes they’re specific, like no stepping on the grass, pick up your dog’s feces, or don’t take photos of this overpriced celebrity car.

For that last case, the message and purpose of the sign instructing user sm70- why not Duesenberg? to NOT take photos of the car must not have resonated, as sm70- why not Duesenberg? continued to take photos of the car until he was forced to stop taking photos, and delete the ones he took when disobeying direct and clear orders from the sign.

As our winner Vin points out, the sign isn’t a suggestion or an offered thought — it’s there to direct you to not take any damn pictures. You not following the simple order the sign is displaying is probably the reason you were bullied.


Follow the signs people. In your relationships. In your lives. And especially when there are people around to enforce the signs.

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