Now We're Trucking! Barris Mustang-Camino Ranchero

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We'll be honest, we were getting tired of the Camino posts. In Davey G.'s absence it's hard to maintain a maniacal fervor for the Camino. We were beginning to lose faith. Then we saw this beautiful custom Mustang truck conversion and we were saved. Hallelujah! Whether you're rocking out Limp Bizkit on the way to SuperCuts or cruising the strip in front of your local bowling alley, this Mustang does it all — with class! And it can be yours for only...



Take a close look at the bed, it's absolutely perfect for filling up with ice and bottles of brew. And it's got the Mach 1 shaker hood. It's totally a quality custom job — all the way down to the My-Name-Is-George-Barris logo on the speedometer...paying honor to the King of the Customizers. As for the top — well — it doesn't exist, so this Mustang's only good in fair weather.


Barris Mustang Custom Pick-up 2000 [Beverly Classics]

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