Sometimes you’ve got three cars in your way, and one dusty lane to get around them. That’s when you want a lot of skill, luck and bravery. And horsepower. Can never have too much horsepower.


Epic moments like this are what make the Mint 400 “The Great American Race.” This year they’ll have a massively diverse field of competitors in trucks, buggies, in vintage and modern designs.

Festivities kick off in Las Vegas on March 9th, the race goes down March 12, and with any luck of our own we’ll have a big heap of amazing footage for you to watch from wherever shortly after that.

Soak up the scene in person if you’re in the southwest, or check up on the race’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts between now and the end of the race for updates and more cool promo clips.

Heck, this might be the motivation I need to make my truck drivable in time to get my butt out to Vegas next month.


Images/video via Mint 400

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