I absolutely laughed at the idea that a Chevy bowtie with the middle cut out could be sold as a performance benefit. Then they called it the Flowtie and I fell out of my chair.


Some of you may have been skeptical, but at least you were thinking of explanations. With that, I've decided to assemble some of the better responses to the Flowtie:


Wouldn't it be even easier to just move the logo off the intake?


So we should be looking for these to be banned from Track and Field events during the next Olympics?



or they could put it on the fucking hood

Captain Fluffy Pants:


And the winner, Johnnyma45:

So putting different badges on your car does make it go faster. Huh, the ricers were right.


I just don't think cutting out holes in the Mitsubishi diamonds is going to make all that much of a difference.

Photo: GM