Novitec Fiat Grande Punto X-One

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The Novitec crew apparently took a break from messing with Ferraris to toy with another Fiat Group burner. Make that oil burner. It's the Novitec Fiat Grande Punto X-One, a warmed-over version of Fiat's popular European hatch. Not quite a hot hatch from the factory, the diesel Punto's gotten a makeover including body kit and engine-electronics tune that wrings 160 hp out of the 1.9 liter JTD MultiJet. Of course, earlier this year Fiat introduced a turbocharged version of that engine producing up to 188 horsepower. But until they start offering it as a crate motor, this is about the top of what's available. Still, we'd imagine this bugger has torque for days and dainty gas-sipping tendencies. We give it two oilcans up. [World Car Fans]


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Will that motor fit in an X1/9? Or, more importantly, does anyone besides me care either way?