​Nothing Prepares You To Take A Bird To The Face On A 300-HP Superbike

On an average ride you can expect to get pelted with bugs and lit cigarettes and the occasional McDonald's wrapper. But testing a supercharged, 300-horsepower superbike brings its own risks, including taking a bird to the head at over 200 mph. [Warning: A bit gory.]


That's what Derek Keyes, an R&D rider for Kawasaki, discovered when testing the track-bound H2R recently.

While Kawasaki hasn't released the top speed of the most powerful production motorcycle ever crafted by the hand of man, Keyes says in his Facebook post – since deleted, possibly at the behest of Kawasaki HQ – that he was traveling "quite a bit faster than 210 mph".

Considering Keyes was alive to take the pic above, the flying roadkill must've either hit the bike and then sent skyward onto his helmet or been small enough to do minimal damage. Still… damn.


In related news, here's the H2R getting rung out at the track:

And here's a bonus: the first teaser for the road-legal, 200-hp(ish) version of the Kawasaki H2 ahead of its big day at the AIMExpo in a couple weeks.

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