Nothing Looks More Fun Than Off-Roading An Apocalypse-Ready Volkswagen Wagon

GIF via Jeff Lain

The Baja Beetle is a mainstay of aircooled Volkswagen fans everywhere. Take a Bug, lift it up, and hoon to your heart’s content. But what if you want more leg room for your backseat? Cargo space? Or you just really love longroofs? Get a Baja Type 3 Squareback instead and take your friends along for the ride.

It’s a pretty low-resolution video, but I don’t need a ton of pixels to tell that I desperately need a Baja Type 3 in my life. It’s loud. It’s clattery. Nothing about it is subtle. It’s perfect!


Obstacles? What obstacles? In a lifted Volkswagen, pretty much everywhere counts as your road. This thing blasts up steep inclines with ease, and competently crawls down hillsides that look impassable to most beaters.

Best of all, if you do manage to break your apocalypse-grade terror wagon, you’ve got plenty of room for tools and spares in the back.


This excellent patina-coated example was built by members of SoCal Bajas, who then promptly took it off road because they can. Truly doing the Lord’s work there, guys.

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Loping Camshaft

That thing is awesome.

Skinny, pizza-cutter tires FTW.

FYI those are better in most off-road situations than the giant balloons on so many bro-dozers and Jeeps.