Welcome to the most remote roads in the world! Buckle up or not, whatever. What you'll really need is a reliable car, lots of food, water, matches, warm clothing, and as much gas as you can carry safely.

Then you might just make it through.

10.) The Gulag Roads In North Korea

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It's not that you won't meet other people on your way, but they sure won't be strangers. FoxFoxington explains:

Although not remote in terms of distance, or proximity to civilisation, the three mose isolated roads on earth are likely in North Korea; specifically Gulag 18 Road (which goes through Bukchang Gulag), Gulag 16 Road (through Hwasong Gulag), and the unnamed road that snakes through Yodok Concentration Camp. Due to the extreme secrecy of the North Korean regime, and the additional secrecy regarding these places, it's unthinkable that anybody outside a small and select group of North Koreans will be driving them at any point in the foreseeable future.

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9.) Tristan da Cunha

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Edinburgh of The Seven Seas is home of the world's loneliest policeman, who drives a Land Rover Defender and made not a single arrest in the last 25 years. Easy to see why on an island with 275 inhabitants and a massive volcano, 1,750 miles away from the next nearest land mass.

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8.) Sawe, Indonesia

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The peace of Papua Province was disturbed by the sound of Ayaaaa's Vespa:

It's 120 miles from nearest gas station in Jayapura.

There's a small shops owned by the locals, but they only can provide maximum 4 gallons of fuel. And don't imagine that a good fuel. That's a 88RON for small 2-stroke bikes. To get more than 4 gallons and 93/95RON fuel you have to travel all the way to Jayapura.

There are some small CSNA planes from the 80's, with 300 bucks for a ticket and leaving once a week carrying 12 passengers and huge ammount of loads.

I've been there once with my little Vespa scooter. And it's a very remote place.

Suggested By: Ayaaaa

7.) Longyearbyen, Svalbard Island, Norway

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According to an answer on What if?, the longest sunset is somewhere around here:

The closest road that really qualifies is probably the main road in Longyearbyen, on the island of Svalbard, Norway. (The end of the airport runway in Longyearbyen gets you slightly further, although driving there might get you in trouble.)

Longyearbyen is actually closer to the North Pole than McMurdo Station in Antarctica is to the South Pole. There are a handful of military, research, and fishing stations further north, but none of them have much in the way of roads; just airstrips, which are usually gravel and snow.

If you putter around downtown Longyearbyen (get a picture with the “polar bear crossing” sign), the longest sunset you could experience would be a few minutes short of an hour. It doesn’t actually matter if you drive or not; the town is too small for your movement to make a difference."

Now that being said if you look to google earth you will see a small semi-paved road heading up into the mountains for at least 6 miles. I think this definitely counts as the most remote road on earth.

Kaufmania, rolls with the back seat down pretending its a shooting also sent us a cool picture with a sign you don't see every day:

Suggested By: FoxFoxington

6.) The Trans Taiga in Northern Quebec

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You better pack a sandwich in Canada:

Suggested By: Gamecat235

5.) The Atacama Highway in Chile

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If you thought Utah or Nevada had challenging parts, take a look at one of the driest places on the planet, the 600 mile strip of land called the Atacama Desert.

Suggested By: 472CID

4.) Dalton Highway, Alaska

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Otherwise known as Highway 11, this 414-mile long road of ice was built to support the northern oil rigs in 1974. It remains as tough as ever.

Suggested By: dogisbadob

3.) McMurdo to Scott Base in Antarctica

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It's not that long of a journey, but it doesn't get colder or more remote than on the Antarctica, even with friends around.

Suggested By:_Mécanicien

2.) The Nullabor Plain in the Australian Outback

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Yes, if you accidentally hit a kangaroo, you can cook it next to your broken car. They actually taste pretty good.

Suggested By: Jon Etkins

1.) M56 Kolyma Highway, Russia

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Gamecat235 puts it simply:

Something like 1200 miles of basically nothing.

A dashcam won't be enough to survive in the most remote part of Russia. If your car stops, they won't find you for a while.

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