Some underdressed joker wiped out on his bike right in front of a Google Street View camera car cruising the streets of Blumenau, Brazil. So we get to relive his spill like a flip-book while getting directions down Rua 7 de Setembro.

Don't worry, he dusts himself off and moseys on outta there, looks like he didn't even stay down long.

Riding a little aggressively there, big guy.

Bad line! Bad line!


Really regretting passing on the gloves today.

"Owww... I'm okay."

"Hope no babes saw that." His hands and torso has got to be on fire at this point.

...but his pride powers through the pain and he gets back on his machine! "I'll just hide in the bus lane."

Just a bit of a traffic jam popped up behind him by the time he was on his way.

Hat tip to, a consistent source of hilarity.