[Cars line up at the starting line at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in its second year of existence: 1910. According to Getty Images, this was an early 100-mile race, run before a then-incredible distance of 500 miles was set. Photo credit: Paul Thompson/Stringer via Getty Images]

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Not many people know that Minneapolis built a speedway that could have easily eclipsed Indianapolis. There was a 500 mile race in 1915. The track itself had grandstands to accommodate 100,000 people. It was a banked, concrete, two mile oval and was billed as the fasted track in the world at the time. Barney Oldfield, perhaps the most famous racer of the day, participated there. With better planning, it could have rivaled or even surpassed Indianapolis, but alas, it was not to be. You can still see where the track was when near the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport.