Not Brabus, Barabus: The TKR Supercar

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What would you say to another low-volume supercar? Not interested? How about one with a stated zero-to-60 time of (hold on to your liederhosen) 1.67 seconds? Ante up. It's the Barabus — not Brabus — TKR, a lightweight road missile in the style of the Pagani Zonda, unveiled at the Brits' recent motor show. Power comes from a Chevy biturbo V8 producing1005 brake horsepower, and stoppage from a set of ceramic brakes. With such extreme numbers, we'd expect a guy with a trenchcoat full of watches to be the director of marketing, but the company says it can all be yours for $550,000.

Barabus Sports Cars, LTD

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