Even if you never film an awesome meteor, a dashcam can save your bacon when dealing with insurance claims and police reports after an accident. For $87, why not? It even includes a free 16GB Samsung MicroSD card. [OjoCam Pro Mini 0801 Dash Camera with GPS & G-Sensor, $87]

Today only, Newegg is selling the Cobra Performance SSR 90 radar detector for just $52. It normally goes for $70 around the web. If it helps you avoid just one speeding ticket, it'll have paid for itself a couple times over. [Cobra Performance SSR 90, $52]

If you have any car or motorcycle batteries that are running out of steam, or you just need to store them for an extended period, this trickle charger will help extend their life. [Battery Tender Trickle Charger, $20]

If your floor mats are an embarrassment, here's a set of four for just $35. If they don't fit quite right out of the box, they're easy to trim. [WeatherTech Universal Mats, $35]

These jack stands have fantastic user reviews, and are 50% off today from Sears. [Craftsman 2 1/4 Ton Jack Stand 2-Pack, $15]

It's not the newest model, but this is still a really good action cam. [Refurb GoPro Hero3 Black Edition, $265]






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