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Not an i-Phone, an Audi Phone

Illustration for article titled Not an i-Phone, an Audi Phone

Audi's new urban-car prototype, the A1 Metroproject Quattro Concept, introduces a new concept in car-phone interactions. Acting as remote version of Audi's in-car Audi MMI interface, a handset goes with the concept car that acts as combination key fob, navigation unit, audio and video player and interface for the car's systems. Using both wi-fi and 3G UMTS communications, it can perform such aftermarket-like miracles as remote starting (with climate controls), image capture via on-board digicams — a kind of security-camera system — and act as receiver for the car's location-tracking device (yep, LoJack). It's just what we've always wanted. Now to get Gizmodo to come up with some kind of i-Phone hack. [via Motor Authority]


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@FreeMan: This is just what happened to all of those GM (and Honda by the way) owners that signed on with OnStar. Three year old models (and older) are now obsolete because they chose to go Analog.

@my favorite car is a motorcycle: I'm with you on this front.