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Norwegians Ruin Hip-Hop Forever With Tribute To Baby Benz

Lyrical references to Mercedes-Benzes have been a hip-hop mainstay for decades, but most rappers prefer upscale rides like the S-class and G-wagen. The 190e has received scant affection. Two Norwegians have corrected that oversight in mindbendingly awful style. (Video slightly NSFW due to typical wannabe-rapper language.)

I'm inclined to think (read: I really, really, really want to believe) that this is some sort of Lonely Island-grade parody of a metric asston of rap cliches, but there's a disturbing lack of smirk happening here. It's like they actually mean it. Respect just remembered it had to pick up some groceries and left.

(Hat tip to Joäo!)

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Spikejnz - Ezekiel 25:17, trolls!

Could be worse. This is local. Yes, that's a 3rd gen F-body. So many palms have met faces watching this video.