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Norway Rally Update, Second Leg

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With Frenchman Sebasti n Loeb down eight minutes after ditching into a snowbank early in Leg 2 of the Norway Rally, the racing day became a Finn-to-Finn shootout. In the end, Marcus Gr nholm and co-driver Timo Rautiainen were short 19.3 seconds to countrymen Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen. Apparently it's been quite the battle, particularly special stage 13, during which Gr nholm ended a hair under 0.3 seconds behind Hirvonen. The Solberg brothers Petter and Henning battled for third, with Petter ending Leg 2 9.9 seconds ahead. [NOTE: Get your Google Earth map of the Norway Rally here.]


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Too bad Norwegian girls aren't as hot as Swedish girls. Might've convinced me to go to the Norwegian leg of the rally. Which is not to say I would've gone to the Swedish leg. Just that Swedish chicks are hotter.