The Best Karting Tracks In The United States

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Who doesn't like go-karting? Heartless, soulless monsters, that's who. And that's not us. So we want your help in identifying the best karting tracks across the USA. Know of any unusually fast karts? Amazing turns? Snack bars that serve beer in a mug made of pizza? Now's your chance to tell the world.


And, speaking of world, a quick glance at my large globe-that-opens-into-a-bar tells me that there seem to be other countries on Earth! How about that! We'll look into doing a more globally comprehensive map soon, but for now, we're sticking with the US.

Karting is a great way to become a better driver without all the hassle of understeering into an orphanage or ending up in jail. It's one of the best places to try out all those things you've read about, like throttle steer or Scandinavian Flicking with a minimum of repercussions. Also, it's fun.

So, use the image annotation feature to point out where to find the best tracks,and soon we'll have a great, comprehensive atlas of all the good tracks, making this a reference tool on par with, say, the Encyclopedia Brittanica. But with more karting tracks.


Travis Okulski

Track: South Bend

Why it's great: Elevation change. It has it in spade. There are a bunch of switchbacks which weren't particularly engrossing.

I did crash through a fence here once though, singlehandedly stopped track action while they fixed it.

My mom, who was sitting in the stands talking to the other moms, didn't even notice I had crashed. Nice.