Nobody's Balling Harder Than These Six Dogs On A Skateboard

Welcome to Southern California, where the summer is perpetual and dogs rule the roads. Look at these little rascals balance like regular bros! Pretty sure this is what the sweet spot between “cool” and “badass” looks like.

Mavrick, Major, Max, Shonty, Marley and Magnum all appear to be pretty well-behaved. Or maybe they just realize riding on this electric hamboard (an enormous self-propelled skateboard) is easier than walking.


The dogs are of course all French Bulldogs, and three of them make up “The Frenchie Brigade,” and apparently locally famous group of four-legged friends.

Wish I looked this good cruising down the beach.

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French Bulldogs are so talented. This is one of my favorite videos. I’d love to have that darling guy French Bulldog.