Noble M600: The Car With A Missile Switch

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Name something with better power-to-weight than a Bugatti Veyron and has a Missile Switch? That's the 2,600-pound, 650-hp Noble M600 Carbon, a supercar that spits in the face of compromise and French-kisses with the Devil under Hell's bleachers.


The final specs on the Noble M600 — recently shown at the Autosport show in the UK— include a body of carbon-fiber, into which a 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 is embedded. Power peaks out at 650 hp and 604 lb/ft, which is just a ridiculous amount of force accruing to such a lightweight vehicle. The result is a 0-60 time of under three seconds and V-max of 225mph. Of course, it's the driver's choice whether or not to detune to 450 hp or 550 hp if he's feeling under the weather. Or injured. The interior looks pretty swank too, but we won't bore you with tales of alcantara, leather and bespoke whatnot.

Oh, that "missile switch" is for the adjustable traction control, which can be turned completely off by a fighter-jet-style lidded selector. No pricing, yet, but might we suggest a high-paying banking job in the City of London?

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