I love wagons; you love wagons. We also love the BMW M5, and when you put the two together you get this wonderful combination of performance and utility. So wonderful in fact you might be able to live in it. Which is probably your only option because it has a Buy It Now price of $29k.

According to the seller this 1992 E34 M5 Touring is the first one BMW ever made. The owner imported the car from Germany in 2007 and had it federalized for the US. The car seems to be well-maintained and even had a replacement engine installed.


So Jalopnik, this is the result of our collective wagon fetish. A 22 year old BMW with 230k miles for almost $30 grand. I am willing to admit my part in this madness, and now I hope one of you lunatics actually buys this thing.


(H/T to Dwhite - Powered by Caffeine, Daft Punk, and Corgis form Oppo)

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