'The 2012 McLaren MP4-12C Has Proactive Chassis Control'

The McLaren F1 was a car, but it isn't built anymore. The MP4-12C is a car, and it is built now. And MotorWeek got their hands on it. Excellent.


It's like a cat on the track and graceful on the road, with a super dizzying 8,500 RPM redline.

Hold the phone their suckers!

This new kid on the block certainly has some moves. Watch her handle the track with aplomb.


Baber K. Khan

No. This is like an aerodynamic PC with a software to control how rigid you want the chassy to be while playing those heavy games.

Seriously, now I feel kind of embarrassed complaining about the computer in cars things, I think its time the auto-journos let go of 'driver's car' measurements and use words as; 'even after pounding the car around the track didn't made the processor heat up, cooling system is good', 'the car's graphics easily blended in with the scenery of the track', 'the car's system didn't crash, neither did I thank to this aftermarket EDC-AF-143 app that I bought at McStore', 'My neck got hurt in far part of the track so the computer was reading my heart rate and shit and it took over and took to the hospital', 'I couldn't hear the car's horn from behind so the car's powerful computer reduced the sound of engine in the cabin and pushed the car to the left itself when it read faster drive', 'I pulled 4Gs at the last corner, I think I am a good driver but johnny never knew that instead of his mom, now the computer overlooked him', and lastly, 'Parents needn't worry now, because our UBS traction and computer will keep him on the road at a max speed you lock the car in'....