GIF via TheHoonigans

No small lot can contain BJ Baldwin’s need to drive the crap out of his 800-horsepower trophy truck. I mean, we’re talking about a guy who says he wears an exterior catheter to avoid stopping to pee during a race. He’s that committed to the art of the hoon.

The Hoonigans have a relatively small lot at their Donut Garage, and Baldwin talking race trucks and seeing what all he can do there for their 100th Daily Transmission is a must-watch.


After talking about more feats of badassery than I will ever be able to accomplish in my lifetime, Baldwin rips Hoonigan’s little lot up in his trophy truck.

“Once you’ve been on fire a couple times, you don’t get in these things without a firesuit,” Baldwin says, nonchalantly, like being on fire in a race truck is no big deal. (Going to disagree here: being on fire is a huge deal.)

Hoonigan’s lot is a tight squeeze for the big Toyota Tundra-styled race truck, but he mostly makes it work. Not even hitting the dock will keep Baldwin from doing more jumps, wheelies, burnouts and donuts.