No Pricing On The Dodge Caliber SRT4. But Hey, They've Got Themselves A Website!

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How badly do we want to drive a 300hp, 260 lb-ft torque Caliber SRT4? Well, when one of us was the fat kid in high school, there was this gorgeous, busty, and curly-haired redhead a year older than us. She was one of those girls who lit up the hallway with her smile, her voice and oh, those...curls. Despite being pocket-sized, you always knew she was there. And she totally never knew we were. Oh how we totally wanted to rock her world. But, since no one ever wants to rock the fat kid's world, we just had to sit there during lunch hour with our soft-serve ice cream cone and dream about it. We'd trade all of that...the girl, the dreams and probably the cone for the chance to drive one of them thar SRT4's. Cause if we were big pimpin' in an SRT4, we would totally get a hotter chick anyway. At least we hope.



First Look: Dodge Caliber SRT-4 [internal]

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