No Mo' Monaro: Last Holden Muscle Coupe to be Auctioned for Charity

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We're not sure what it means for its left-hand-drive cousin, the Pontiac GTO, but the Very Last Monaro rolled off the line for GM Australia's Holden last December. Now, after a going-over by Holden's Design and Engineering departments, the car will be auctioned to support The Leukaemia Foundation, with which Holden has a long-time relationship. The collector's model is painted in "Torque" orange-yellow custom paint with metallic highlights, an homage to Monaro coupes of the late 1960s, and is fitted with embossed wheels, leather seats and color accents. To honor the architect of the new generation Monaro, former Holden Design Director Mike Simcoe, microscopic copies of his signature were applied to the vehicle's underbody, panels and major components — a certificate of Auss-enticity if you will. We'll be here all week, mate. Try the Yabbies.


Holden to Discontinue Monaro; Are the GTO s Days Numbered? [internal]

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