No Compromises: KTM's X-Bow to Drop in on Geneva

Evo stopped by KTM's lair in Austria and got a look at three prototypes of the company's X-Bow track-day ride. Of the three, one's for crash testing, the other for chassis tuning and the third is for show; that's the one shipping off to Geneva in late February. The first production models should hit in mid-2007, and a single-make racing series is in the works for next year. Want more? The Audi-powered roadsters will come with six-speed manual, but the DSG automanual will be optional, addding 44 lbs to the X-Bow's 1,543-pound bulk. That brings up KTM's former four-ringed partner. Evo says Audi backed out of the joint venture because adding passenger-car safety equipment like airbags was a dealbreaker. That's the spirit!

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