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NJ Turnpike Authority To Predict Traffic: "It's Gonna Suck"

Illustration for article titled NJ Turnpike Authority To Predict Traffic: Its Gonna Suck

The financially strained state of New Jersey decided to spend money on a traffic-prediction tool to help prevent congestion disruption. There are better ways to spend that money: like teaching it's drivers how to drive. (H/T to worthless_cos!) [Bloomberg]


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PotbellyJoe and 42 others

I trust NJ drivers more than quite a few other states.

They may be overly aggressive, but they're predictable. Unlike CT drivers that randomly hit their brakes while traveling in the left lane. Or drivers in Michigan that change their mind about the speed they want to travel after they passed you, only to slow down once they pull in front of you.

I firmly believe that all traffic in NJ is being lead by a driver with a PA plate traveling in the left lane next to a driver from Delaware who is matching his speed.

Meanwhile the picture posted is I-5, kinda far from the garden state.