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Nissan's New Entry-Level Compacts to Be Built in Mexico

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Nissan executives say the US won't see a version of its current Japan-only Cube, nor will it get a facsimile of its Japan-only Tilda. It will, however, get a new entry-level hatchback (in summer 2006) and sedan (2007) based on the Renault-derived platform responsible for Nissan's Sport Concept, unveiled in March at the New York Auto Show. The North American newbies, which will be built in Mexico, will bring new competition to Toyota's Scion lineup, and likely new commercials featuring someone working the turntables and someone else "busting" a "move" of sorts.


Nissan will bring two cars from Mexico; hatchback and sedan to come by early '07 [AutoWeek]


New York Auto Show: Nissan Sport Concept; More on Nissan s Cube: Will It Meet the Scion in the US? [internal]

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