Nissan X-Trail Fuel Cell Jumps Nurburgring Shark

Illustration for article titled Nissan X-Trail Fuel Cell Jumps Nurburgring Shark

There is no good reason at all for Nissan to take their fuel-cell-powered X-Trail to the Nordschleife, but that's what they've gone and done. An 11-minute, 58-second lap time and putting a fuel cell-powered SUV on the 'Ring are both patently ridiculous. Enough. Nissan, it was great when you blasted round the 'Ring with the GT-R, but now you've just Fonzied yourselves. [EdmundsInsideLine]


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John Krewson

Okay, say you're a Nissan guy and your assignment is this... thing we're talking about the name of which has already slipped my mind. X-Trail, whatever. Working on it can't be all that much fun, but if you convince the company to give you the opportunity to take it to Nuremberg, do you turn it down? I salute the X-Trail team for pulling off the white-collar crime version of a casino heist.