Illustration for article titled Nissan To Temporarily Halt GT-R Orders Due To Possible Production Issues

Nissan has instructed its Japanese dealers to temporarily halt taking orders for the Nissan GT-R, declining to offer an explanation or state when order-taking can resume. So far, the order halt only applies to home-market dealers, leading to speculation that there's an issue with a Japan-only component or subsystem. More below.
The report, from the folks over at GTRblog, states that unverified rumors claim the recent materials price-hike may be behind the stoppage — but that it may be due to assembly line maintenance or retooling too. In other words, no one except Nissan knows, and they're not talking. Perhaps it's due to Porsche finding a GT-R that was 25 seconds off Nissan's claimed Nurburgring lap time or owners finding their transmissions weren't covered in event of launch control use? Probably not. [; Photo:]


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