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The Goodwood Festival of Speed is more of an exhibition than an actual race, which is why Nissan's hoping to set two quirky records there: fastest four-wheeled car on two wheels and fastest backwards run — in the Juke and Leaf, respectively.


It sounds like Nissan is trying to out-Top Gear Top Gear with this stunt, but it's the only way either car is going to set any record. The tiny Juke is light enough to go up the hill easily without much bother and the Leaf, unlike most cars, can be driven just as not-fast backwards due to its electric powertrain.


And so you don't think all of Nissan's cars are gimmicks, there will be a Sumo Power GT1 GT-R on hand to make all sorts of loud noises from its pleasing 600-hp V8 (yes, you read that correctly).

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