The wait is almost over. The new Datsun is scheduled to be officially revealed in just a few hours when Nissan officially reveals the first of the cheap cars for emerging markets carrying a name that hasn't been used since the '80s.

To help us all understand the importance of the event, the company decided to make a video from inside its "DNA garage" in Zama, Japan that's traditionally off limits to the public. It's actually full of old Nissans/Datsuns, including some of the first Datsuns that carry some heavy American and British influences. The video is short, but it does kind of show the timeline of the company building cheap cars, then fast awesome cars, and now awaiting the launch of another cheap car.

Nissan is promoting another video too, this time using Datsun head Vincent Cobee to tell us what the "Dat" in Datsun means. Apparently it stands for Dream, Access, Trust. It sounds like something that's written on a bank statement, but I'm sure there are people who, um, dream of owning a small hatchback with good access and trust Nissan to build it. Did I do that right, DATsun?