Nissan GT-R Takes On The Nurburgring... In The Snow

The Nissan's GT-R once again proves it's a world-class supercar by taking it to the Nurburgring... in the snow. We triple-dog-dare you to try that, Porsche. All-wheel-drive snow-drifting action below.

We definitely don't condone the use of Lambo-doors, but the sheer magnitude of the cojones these guys have must be the only reason allowable for such a monstrosity.

[TeamSpeed Forums via YouTube]

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Gosh are people really so impressed with this? I mean, Roser and his RUF yellowbird had much smoother and impressive slides, in the dry. This guy can't keep a steady throttle positions (or slide) to save his life. I don't think driving like that takes much balls or skill. He just went in slowly and hoofed it every time. Yawn. that was painful to watch.