Nissan GT-R Shaves Back To Get That "Clean Look"

Illustration for article titled Nissan GT-R Shaves Back To Get That "Clean Look"

We know you're not supposed to mess with the Nissan GT-R but despite the possible adverse affects on the aerodynamics, this clean-look GT-R shows just how slick Godzilla looks when he shaves his back. Obviously the large rear wing of has been removed, but to smooth things out even more, the rear reflectors have been tinted black and the Nissan badge in back has been removed. The owner also apparently decided to throw on an aftermarket exhaust from performance tuner Mine's, and a set of BBS LM-DBK wheels, just for good measure. [via GTRblog]


Rob Emslie

Hmm, does this mean it will start dating John Mayer now?