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Nissan Forum Concept to Debut in Detroit

Illustration for article titled Nissan Forum Concept to Debut in Detroit

We sauntered over to the Las Vegas Hilton pavilion last night for a no-photos event. It was Nissan, showing off its latest design concept, the Forum, which uses trippy, organic shapes to unhook some minivan clichés from our forebrain. It's the Forum concept, a vannish prototype that's ostensibly a forebear of the next Quest. Despite the curvilinearity of the front, the Forum sports a chopped, right angle at the rear, which gives it a familial connection with the Japan-only Cube, which we hear will also find its way to the US in some form. The Forum also has a cryptic button on the steering wheel that reads "Mommy Pause." Perhaps the driving equivalent of a bath in Calgon bubbles?


Press Release:

Nissan FORUM Concept Set For 2008 NAIAS Debut [Oct. 30, 07]

LAS VEGAS (Oct. 30, 2007) - Nissan's exploration of the next generation of family transportation, the Nissan FORUM Concept, offers distinctive styling with innovations including trackless sliding doors and no B-pillars. Created at Nissan Design America, the FORUM Concept makes its public debut at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January.

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Mark Miller

@teargas: Oh, scary button! Don't wanna press that one!

Hmmm, we can only guess what the darn "Mommy pause" button is for. Certainly gives the vehicle the dreaded (even for women) "chic car" (with kid) image doesn't it?

Question: Does pressing this button...

A. Put the car briefly on autopilot when there is just too much going on for Mommy?

B. Temporarily inflate the rear 19 airbags to squeeze any out-of-control kiddies into submission?

...or maybe the clue is Mr. Spinelli's use of the word "cryptic"...

You see, this is "Engrish" for a button that stuns threatening goblins, especially Mummies! BOO!