Nissan Drops $100 Mil On Green...Buildings

Yes, the green trends currently dominating the auto industry have reached as far as the actual headquarters buildings of the automakers. Case in point: Nissan's new HQ. The U.S. headquarters for Nissan is set to open up in Franklin, TN this July and it is loaded to the gills with all kinds of green and environmental technology.

Some of the significant and awesome features include a lighting system that adjusts on the fly based on how much sunlight is entering the building. It also has below-ground air conditioning and heating. Instead of building massive parking lots, Nissan decided to preserve a natural Tennessee wetlands in place and build a parking garage instead.


Strange enough, around these parts the Nissan posts relating to hybrids and other alternative energy vehicles is pretty slim pickings. I'm not trying to hint at anything, Nissan, but *ahem* priorities? [AP via Ecofriend]

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