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As if getting several thousand dollars in government aid wasn't enough, future Nissan Leaf buyers may also get a free week or two in a gas-powered car courtesy of Nissan. How many anti-anxiety treatments do electric vehicle buyers need?


Given the range of 80 to 120 miles, and a charging time of up to 21 hours on a normal 110v plug, the Leaf isn't the best choice for cross-country touring. Which is why most of its early U.S. buyers will use it for a second car in commuting, rather than an all-encompassing family driver.

While the idea was first broached by a Nissan executive at the Paris Motor Show, Nissan spokeswoman Katherine Zachary told Jalopnik today it was "something being considered for some global markets, but not necessarily for the U.S." Because after getting a $7,500 tax break from the government, along with additional tax breaks for the home charger and matching state and local incentives, it could look like some Leaf buyers were getting paid to just buy another car. [DetNews]

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