We've already talked about it, but never seen this expository on it. It's called the "Around View Monitor" and it's the latest bit of techie goodness we'll be seeing from the minds at Nissan. It uses cameras mounted at the front and rear and on both sides of the vehicle to take pictures of the surrounding road surface. Those shots are then "synthesized" by an image processing technique into one view that is shown on the dashboard. Basically, it creates a "Bird's-Eye View" of the vehicle to better allow the driver to park, turn, and do all sorts of other "tricky" maneuvers. Sounds great for larger vehicles. We guess that's why the first vehicle it's showing up in is the Nissan Elgrand van in Japan. What makes far less sense is that the first vehicle it'll be showing up in here in the United States is the new Infiniti EX35. Because that's what the EX35 needed โ€” more toys. [via FarEastGizmos]