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Nissan announced price increases of under two percent thoughout its product range, from $200 on its 2006 Sentra and Altima models to $850 on its top-of-the-line 2006 Armada SUV. In sales-weighted percentage terms, increases range from 0.9% for the Maxima to 1.6% for the Armada. The Titan's MSRP increase also reflects additional content and equipment among its several trim tiers, including a standard tow package on the SE Off-Road model. For others in Nissan's brood, sales-weighted MSRP increases include 1.3% for the Sentra, 1.0% for the Altima and 1.1% for the Titan. The prices go into effect when the cars go on sale today.

2006 Sentra
1.8 M/T: $13,680
1.8 A/T: $14,580
1.8 S A/T: (Special Edition) $16,980
SE-R: $18,580
(includes $580 destination charge)


2006 Altima
Altima: $20,080 (2.5-liter four); $24,080 (3.5-liter V6) $24,080.
Altima SE-R: $31,130 in 2006 (both manual and automatic)
(include $580 destination charge)

2006 Maxima
Maxima 3.5 SE: (six-speed manual and automatic) $28,330
3.5 SL 5A/T: $30,580
(include $580 destination charge)

2006 Armada
2WD SE: $35,170
2WD LE: $40,470
4WD SE: $37,970
4WD SE Off-Road (with standard Tow Package): $41,470
4WD LE: $43,270
(include $670 shipping charge)

2006 Titan
XE King Cab 4x2: $23,920
XE KC 4x4: $27,120
SE Crew Cab 4x2: $28,570
LE CC 4x4: $31,420
(include $670 shipping charge)


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