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It's less than a week until "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" hits theaters, and already some chicken littles are predicting a commercial face plant — via disinterest by all but the most hardcore 2F2F fans. (We're holding all commentary in that regard until the first RB26DETT-powered Mustang emerges on-screen.) For an appetizer, those who sweat the skills of Japan's hashiriya street racers can do worse than to check out this dual-POV clip of touge racing through Japan's canyon roads — in traffic. The gods of opposite lock smile broadly as these guys slip past unsuspecting motorists, just feet from approaching tour buses, with every turn of the wheel captured by the in-car cam. Don't try this on the Dixie Highway, kids. [Thanks to Stephen for the tip.]

Cars Street Racing Drift [via Google Video]

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