Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: The $39,975 Iran Khodro Paykan Deluxe 1600!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

77% of readers thought the low-mileage Chryslerati falls on the Crack Pipe side of the NPOCP Scale. That might be a bit harsh, but the K Car underpinnings of the Chrysler TC By Maserati may have seemed too common. That's why today's car is something that we're pretty sure nobody has ever seen driving in the street in North America: a genuine Paykan. Yes, this fine customized Iranian-built Hillman Hunter- equipped with genuine "Boog Benzy"- will be shipped right to your door! Don't worry about any customs or registration hassles with this Axis Of Evil machine, because the seller assures us "I can have this vehicle registered for road use in all 50 states (don't worry about DMV or DOT). I will explain to you the process in detail." So, what do you think of this deal? Thanks to HotRodElectric for the tip! [eBay Motors]


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