Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

We now know that most of you approve of the $39,900 price tag on the 426 Wedge Sport Fury, so today we're going to change it up a bit with a rare Japanese machine.

While the 1970-74 Corollas sold in huge numbers in North America, the TE27 hardtop coupes weren't quite so common, and they're much in demand nowadays. You need to pay real money for a nice one, but $12,800 for a partially-completed restoration? It appears that this '74 is chock-full-o-NOS JDM goodies, and it's a non-rusty California car, so it's possible that no hubba rocks are needed to accept that price. What do you say?
Thanks to Akier for the tip! [Craigslist San Francisco, go here if the ad disappears]