What's The Worst Country To Be A Car Buyer?

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Much as we moan about not getting the latest hot hatchback or kei car, we Americans enjoy pretty much the cheapest new car prices and some of the lowest gas prices in the world. Not every country is so new-car friendly.


Take, for instance, India. Even if you momentarily forget the chaos-theory traffic, you're still dealing with some of the most punitive new car prices anywhere in the world. A Jaguar F-Type, for instance, starts at 1.37 crore over there. That converts to $230,886. In the US, we can buy the same car for just $81,000.

Still, I'm sure there are countries with even more expensive new car prices than India has. There are also probably countries with worse roads, traffic, and new car options. What country do you think is the worst of all?

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so, to be clear, we are talking about:

A: selection

B. Regulations

C. Prices

D. Ability of the people to buy?

E. all of the above

I think I would chose F. A, B, C. Lets leave a countries poverty out of this maybe?